Relationships | Flexibility | Results

Three areas of focus to our distributed generation business that we believe are paramount to our success.


Our vision

EDPR NA DG is proud of long-standing relationships, fostered by trust, integrity, and commitment to an innovative approach. Flexibility has been key in providing customers with industry-leading renewable energy services and a variety of innovative technology solutions aimed at building 21st century energy infrastructure. Our commitment to customers has powered our passion for providing successful results, through valuable cost savings coupled with reliable energy integral to customer business operations.



We’d welcome sharing more of our vision with you.
We Choose Earth, do you?
Our principles
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Maximizing project profitability
We’re committed to improving your bottom line, focusing on optimized economic outcomes and financial benefits for your project.
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Customer focus
Our focus is on long-term relationships, which is proven by customer relationships and our community investments that span over a decade.
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Financing with confidence
Secure financing is key to any successful distributed generation project.
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Our team
Our greatest asset is our people. We recruit and maintain key talent passionate about our customers’ onsite clean energy needs.
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The rapidly evolving distributed generation sector relies on innovative clean energy approaches, ranging from financing to technology solutions.
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We bring more than project development and project operation to the table. Our team brings integrity, commitment, and dedication to our customers.