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From Fortune 100 corporations to local breweries, we are proud of our long-standing customer collaborations.


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EDPR NA DG provides full turnkey services, technologies, and solutions to build customer investments that last. Work with us to navigate the path to achieving your operational and sustainability goals. EDPR NA DG consistently takes a long-term view in building and maintaining our customer and industry relationships, ensuring integrity in project development, extensive product and technology expertise, and an unparalleled market insight.



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Services and Customers for Commercial and Industrial
Services and Customers for Commercial and Industria
Our customer success stories
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Scripps Health Systems
As EDPR NA DG's first C&I customer, Scripps has continued to contract with our team to execute multiple projects over the years.
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Using the latest in environmental innovation, EDPR worked with Walmart to support its commitment to pollinator-friendly solar energy.
Benefits of renewable energy
Here are some of the key reasons why integrating distributed generation makes sense for our customers, their businesses, and local communities.
Cost savings

Solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) require zero capital investment by the customer and offer a known electricity price.


Lower your operational carbon footprint and reach your net-zero and emission goals by integrating renewable electricity into your purchased energy.

Energy choice

With renewable energy, you’re able to choose the electricity source that makes sense for your business, know where your energy is sourced from.


Hedge against the constant volatility of energy prices with a long-term, fixed-rate that helps improve the accuracy of your operational expenditures.

Solar project lifecycle
Our dedicated team is lock in step with our customer during their entire journey with us.
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