Conserving your land for generations

It's all about trust. We work with landowners to leverage and preserve your underutilized land while enjoying the many benefits associated with renewable energy. 



Environmental Stewardship. Recognized Income.

At EDPR NA DG, we understand that whether you are a farmer or an estate manager, your top priority is to maximize the value of your land while preserving it for the next generation. From the day we meet you, to the end of a project’s lifespan, we’re committed to a long-term relationship that is focused on your needs and expectations.



Environmental Stewardship. Recognized Income.
Our commitment to you
  • To conserve and preserve your land 
  • To respect you and your community’s values
  • To earn the support of your neighbors and local community
  • To work with you for the long term
  • To maximize the value of your lan
Benefits of solar on your land
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Solar parks and land use
Learn about solar parks and their positive impact on land.
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Powering local economies
Learn about the economic benefits of solar energy.
Why landowners work with us
Services for Landowners
Services and Customers for Landowners
EDP Renewables North America Landowner
Walt P.
South Carolina

My land is very important to me. They’ve planted grass on it to keep it from eroding. They really respect the land and the landowners.

Landowner in South Carolina
EDP Renewables North America Landowner
Freddie M.
South Carolina

Getting set up with solar has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, from a financial standpoint, in my life.”