Schools and Universities
Long-term investment in community

From citing and design to financing, construction, and management of the project over its lifetime, we’re here to be your trusted clean energy solutions provider.

Who we serve
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Investing in renewable energy with EDPR NA DG is simple.
EDPR NA DG provides no cost and no financial commitment for single and multi-site assessments.
  • Estimate your energy savings and sustainability impact analysis to demonstrate ROI on your environmental stewardship strategy
  • Identify optimal location(s), estimated system sizes, and solar energy production
  • Acquire market intelligence on us: We provide you an assessment of local and federal regulations and incentive programs
  • Unlock our suite of financing options catered to your needs
Our customer success stories
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Ohio public schools
For the Ohio public schools project, we partnered with three public school districts in Ohio to cut down on energy costs and save more than 1,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.
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Illinois public schools
By partnering with us and deploying solar energy, Illinois public schools benefited by reducing energy operations cost and minimizing their environmental impact.