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Uptick in Distributed Generation Project Development Trends Continue

Monday 28, June 2021


Business Unit Builds Momentum into Q2, 2021

HOUSTON, TX, June 28, 2021: EDPR NA Distributed Generation LLC (EDPR NA DG), the distributed business unit of EDP Renewables, kept momentum through the months of April to early June, outpacing distributed generation pipeline development and project acquisition expectations.

The 11 projects which were developed and put into operation this last quarter by EDPR NA DG, ranged from rooftop to ground-mount projects and serving commercial and industrial (C&I), municipal, university, school and hospital (MUSH), and public sector customers, are expected to generate a total of 52 megawatts (MW) of energy and span eight states across the United States. The total greenhouse gas emissions avoided by the development of these projects equates to approximately 12.5 tons of waste recycled instead of being landfilled, 1,397 incandescent lamps switched to LEDs, or the equivalent of 45.1 acres of U.S. forests in one year worth of carbon sequestered, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. In addition to acquiring these projects, EDPR NA DG will continue to develop, construct, and operate these facilities as the long-term owner.

“Building from our acquisition closing by EDP Renewables this last March, we’ve accelerated collaborations with customers, as well as key developers and investors in the sustainability and clean energy sectors to acquire projects, provide expedited balance sheet financing, and negotiate the most competitive power purchase agreement (PPA) terms in the North American market,” stated Richard Dovere, Chief Investment Officer at EDPR NA DG. “This has been a key to our success this quarter,” he added.

“Market momentum is calling for a leader in the distributed generation sector; one that offers something different to the C&I and public sector markets. Our creative design and technology approaches - combined with 100 percent on-time delivery during COVID - has helped us to develop a strong pipeline that we expect to continue to deliver through 2022,” noted Chris Rittenhouse, Head of M&A at EDPR NA DG. EDPR NA DG plans to continue this trend, with a projected additional, near-term development pipeline of more than 200 MW.

About EDPR NA Distributed Generation

At EDPR NA Distributed Generation (EDPR NA DG), accelerating the adoption and success of distributed generation is at the core of our mission. EDPR NA DG provides cutting-edge innovative renewable energy services to the entire North American region. Built on long-standing relationships with developers, power generators, corporate purchasers, municipalities, and local communities, EDPR NA DG delivers a full suite of offerings ranging from financing and development to construction and operation of energy and storage assets poised to scale. To date, EDPR NA DG has an operating capacity of 86 MW, with a near-term pipeline of more than 200 MW, across 200+ sites in 20 states. For more information, visit EDPR NA DG is part of EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), a global leader in the renewable energy sector and the world's fourth-largest renewable energy producer. With a sound development pipeline, first-class assets, and market-leading operating capacity, EDPR has undergone exceptional development in recent years and is currently present in 16 markets (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and the United States). For more information, please visit

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