Conserving your land for generations

It’s all about trust. We work with landowners to leverage and preserve your underutilized
land while enjoying the many benefits associated with renewable energy.

Environmental Stewardship.
Recognized Income.

Here at EDPR NA DG, we understand that whether you are a farmer or an estate manager, your top priority is to maximize the value of your land while preserving it for the next generation. From the day we meet you, to the end of a project’s lifespan, we’re committed to a long-term relationship that is focused on your needs and expectations.

Our commitment to you:

  • To conserve and preserve your land
  • To respect you and your community’s values
  • To earn the support of your neighbors and local community
  • To work with you for the long term
  • To maximize the value of your land

Learn more about the benefits of solar on your land

Solar Parks & Land Use

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Powering Local Economies

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“Farming is uncertain – that’s different from solar. Solar is not uncertain at all. EDPR goes out, checks on the equipment, and keeps the land up. I’d 100 percent recommend solar parks to farmers in this community.”

Freddie Mixon, South Carolina Landowner

Reasons landowners work with EDPR NA DG

Guaranteed income

Higher annual return per acre

Financial benefits year round

Focus on long-term preservation

Our total commitment to safety and quality in constructing, operating, and decommissioning our projects

Maximize property value

For those with unused land or real estate (i.g. large commercial rooftops), a solar lease works like an annuity, generating a secure, long-term stream of revenue.  At its own cost, EDPR NA DG will repurpose your land for a project and will return the land to its original condition once the lease term is complete.

Actions speak louder than words.

EDPR NA DG is made up of team members who grew up in small communities, farms, and rural areas across the United States, so our commitment to land preservation is engrained in our daily work. We are proud to support the Leopold Conservation Award, hosted by the Sand County Foundation, in honoring landowners in New York and Pennsylvania who are actively committed to a land ethic focused on environmental preservation. Alongside the American Farmland Trust, we are helping to ensure that these landowner conservationists receive the recognition they deserve.

Benefits of

renewable energy

Here are some of the key reasons why integrating distributed generation makes sense for our customers, their land, and local communities:

Cost savings

Solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) require zero capital investment by the customer and offer a known electricity price – often at a discount to your site’s current utility cost – for a specific term.


Lower your operational carbon footprint by integrating renewable electricity into your purchased energy.

Reputational value

Relay the importance of environmental sustainability to your employees, customers, and stakeholders by making a tangible commitment to renewable energy.

Emerging technologies

State-of-the-art technology such as efficient solar panels, inverters, and innovative racking all optimize production and ensure safety with module-level controls for a long-term investment built to last.

Energy choice

With renewable energy, you’re able to choose the electricity source that makes sense for your business, know where your energy is sourced from and how much it produces every day.


Hedge against the constant volatility of energy prices with a long-term, fixed-rate that helps improve the accuracy of your operational expenditures.

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