Our impact

Sustainability and environment

As an industry leader, EDPR NA DG is dedicated to a more sustainable, equitable, and accessible energy sector, utilizing clean, reliable, and carbon-neutral energy. Since our inception, we’ve collaborated with customers to develop distributed generation projects that have produced favorable environmental outcomes.

Our total power generation is equivalent to offsetting:

Metric tons of CO

Passenger cars driven for one year

Miles driven by an average passenger car

Gallons of gas consumed

Homes' energy use for one year

Smartphones charged

Incandescent lamps switched to LEDs

Tree seedlings grown for 10 years sequestering carbon

Our approach to sustainability – from development to operations – plays a key role in achieving carbon reduction and ESG goals for our company and our customers.

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Safety first

At EDPR NA DG, safety is deemed a key priority and an integral part of the development of every project. Our team confirms it is present in every decision-making stage: in planning, construction, operation and maintenance, in staff management, procurement, commercial activities, and relations involving customers, suppliers, and the general public. We aim to foster a culture of trust, communication, knowledge, awareness, and care in order to promote both long term project success and to keep the communities we serve safe. We place a large emphasis on preventative action to avoid hazardous working conditions altogether, but when certain risks are inherent in our work, our employees are trained to recognize those risks, eliminate or minimize danger, and respond appropriately when necessary.

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Learn more about our commitments to creating impact in the industry through our project case studies.

Ohio Public Schools

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Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewage Authority

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Catholic Charities

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City of Westbrook, Maine

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