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Episode 2: As a Project Developer, is Community Solar really that different? with David Kane, EDP Renewables

Friday 08, July 2022

Listen to the full conversation here.

In today’s Episode 2 of the Community Solar Series, our solar expert is David Kane, a seasoned developer at EDP Renewables.

Dave gives us the view from the developer’s perspective: What exactly is entailed in his role as project developer? How does the organization rely on he and his team for progress? How does a developer think about policy as an enabler or driver for how to structure his/her time & team? What does the ecosystem of stakeholders look like? What are the kinds of people that one looks for in “local” partners? We learn what unique skill sets community solar developers need. And, I ask the question that seems to really be on many people’s minds: “Are these skills & needs all that different from Utility scale development?”

If you’ve been wondering How do you decide where (market, team requirements, partner development) to focus the effort? Where do people most often fail or mess up in the development process for community solar? What sets successful projects apart from the rest - what do you look for in a development partner or project? Then this next episode of the Community Solar series is for you! Tune-in, and also if you missed it go queue up Episode 1 from the series with Jeff Cramer of CCSA.

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