Solarize Philly program

 EDPR NA Distributed Generation is proud to partner with the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) to provide access to energy-saving onsite solar solutions for businesses throughout Philadelphia.

Tailor an energy solution to your needs.

Solarize Philly was launched by the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) in 2017 and is the largest Solarize program in the country. With a goal of expanding the city’s onsite solar market, the program aims to make the process of installing solar as easy and affordable as possible, while also supporting solar training at the School District of Philadelphia and improving access to clean energy across the City’s neighborhoods. Since the launch of the Solarize Philly, more than $24 million has been invested in communities across Philadelphia, creating 170 jobs and helping to increase accessibility to clean energy throughout the City.

How do we do it?

  • Work directly with owners that have interest in the long-term operation of the project.
  • ​Benefit from our team’s decades worth of expertise and understanding of solutions that are customized to your situation and market.
  • Rest assured that your project is in trusted hands: $289M+ of operating assets are currently managed by EDPR NA Distributed Generation.
  • ​Access a diverse set of solutions for all contractual situations.

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Solarize Philly Program

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“Businesses are vital to the continued growth and development of Philadelphia. We’re excited for this collaboration with EDPR NA DG to reduce energy
costs for out citizens’ businesses, support the community through the creation good paying job to bolster the local solar industry and assist our businesses in minimizing their carbon footprint.”

Emily Schapira, President & CEO of Philadelphia Energy Authority

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Benefits of

renewable energy

Here are some of the key reasons why integrating distributed generation makes sense for our customers, their businesses, and local communities:

Cost savings

Solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) require zero capital investment by the customer and offer a known electricity price – often at a discount to your site’s current utility cost – for a specific term.


Lower your operational carbon footprint by integrating renewable electricity into your purchased energy.

Reputational value

Relay the importance of environmental sustainability to your employees, customers, and stakeholders by making a tangible commitment to renewable energy.

Emerging technologies

State-of-the-art technology such as efficient solar panels, inverters, and innovative racking all optimize production and ensure safety with module-level controls for a long-term investment built to last.

Energy choice

With renewable energy, you’re able to choose the electricity source that makes sense for your business, know where your energy is sourced from and how much it produces every day.


Hedge against the constant volatility of energy prices with a long-term, fixed-rate that helps improve the accuracy of your operational expenditures.

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