Powering 21st century classrooms

From citing and design to financing, construction, and management of the project over its lifetime, we’re here to be your trusted solutions provider.

From Wheaton College to Ohio’s public schools, we assist our customers in achieving their operational and sustainability goals.

Ohio Public Schools

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Investing in renewable energy should be simple.

EDPR NA DG provides no cost and no commitment single and multi-site assessments.

  • Estimate your energy savings and sustainability impact analysis to demonstrate ROI on your strategy
  • Identify optimal location(s), estimated system sizes, and energy production
  • ​Acquire market intelligence on us: We provide you an assessment of local and federal regulations and incentive programs
  • Unlock our suite of financing options catered to your needs

Who we serve

Campus services & facilities

Public schools

Colleges & universities

Vocational & education centers

Private & parochial schools

Building more than just a solar asset

EDPR NA DG works with educational institutions to provide more than just a renewables asset – we believe that we’re collaborating on a community asset.

In addition to the physical construction of your project, we also provide the following:

Tailored curriculum development to get students excited about the project.

Tour opportunities once the project is complete that engage community members and neighbors.

Hands-on teacher training to provide materials, STEM science fair ideas and resources for teachers to take advantage of the educational opportunity.

Internship opportunities provided during construction to engage vocational and community college students from nearby schools to create local workforce development opportunities.

Digital displays and traditional educational and learning signage to help keep students and community members informed on the project, its performance, and the environmental targets and goals being reached.

STEM focused education groups we support

Let’s build a relationship that lasts.

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