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Our project experience is noted for both its quality of build and positive community impact – something we’re incredibly proud of. We are passionate about safety, workmanship, and delivering the best possible solutions for our customers. With a proven track record across North America, our projects create local jobs, create energy savings for our customers, and open up the benefits of renewable energy to the communities around them.

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Average U.S. homes being powered is equivalent to our total energy generation

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Work with us to navigate a path to achieving your onsite energy operational and sustainability goals.

System size (MW)

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  • Walmart Supercenter #6014 – Laurens, SC

    2.7 MW
  • Hopkins High School – Minnetonka, MN

    1.3 MW
  • Community Solar – Route 13 – Cortland, NY

    2.5 MW
  • Alton Bradford – Hopkington, RI

    1 MW
  • Starratt Solar – Jacksonville, FL

    7.0 MW
  • Community Solar – Woodbury, MN

    4.2 MW
  • Lakeville – Lakeville, MA

    3.3 MW
  • Adams I – Clinton, MA

    2.8 MW
  • Community Solar – McLean Solar 2 – Cortland, NY

    2.7 MW
  • Community Solar – Virgil Road – Cortland, NY

    2.67 MW
  • Community Solar – Lime Hollow – Cortland, NY

    2.67 MW
  • Community Solar – East River – Cortland, NY

    2.67 MW
  • Brookhaven – Farmingville, NY

    2.57 MW
  • Swansea – Swansea, MA

    2.2 MW
  • Adams II – Clinton, MA

    1.4 MW
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