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From regional developers to local EPCs, we are here to ensure your distributed generation projects succeed.
Let’s work together on securing a winning and profitable pipeline of projects.

Strategic partnership.
Profitable results.

Have a distributed generation project that needs a financial backer, or is in the NTP phase and needs a development partner?

EDPR NA DG is interested. Our platform provides deep industry expertise to support counter-parties through each stage of the process, from development, procurement, and construction, through financing and acquisition, effectively serving as an extension of your in-house development and finance teams.

Why work with EDPR NA DG:

The market for development in distributed generation is crowded, competitive, and filled with unexpected obstacles. EDPR NA DG has an impressive track record of acquiring development assets at all stages of the project lifecycle. We work to maximize the upfront value to developers while maintaining the long-term integrity of the infrastructure.

  • Tap into a team with over 500 projects worth of experience
  • Leverage our brand and global access to EDP’s financing
  • $17 Billion in capital investment committed to date
  • Access tailored solutions at each stage of the development cycle, spanning a variety of onsite renewable energy technologies
  • Transparency and speed in closing
  • Dedication to optimizing project performance and expediting build schedules
  • Rely on our success: 100% on-time delivery of 186 renewable energy projects nationwide.

Maximize project profitability

Lean on our team of experts to identify areas of economic improvement. Save time through our non-multi-stage investment committee process​. Rely on ​value-added services that deliver an optimized acquisition fee. Turn “special situation” projects into positive investments.

Projects we’re seeking

Rooftop solar



On-site storage

Landfill, brownfield, & greenfield

Flexibility where it matters

From collaborative development to creative financing structures,
we’re here to partner with you on developing a variety of distributed energy projects.

Project stage:

We can support you at any stage of the process from project proposal/RFP response through project development and construction

Target markets:

The entire U.S. market, including Puerto Rico

Project size:

500 kW-20 MW per project, sub 500 kW if part of a larger portfolio

Contract structure:

Build to transfer, community solar, leases, O&M agreement, offsite solar/virtual power purchase agreements, power purchase agreements (PPA), REC solutions


Brownfield, greenfield, floating solar, storage


Public, private, non-profit, non-credit-rated entities

Developer in Residence Program (DiR)

EDPR NA DG hosts a DiR program to encourage individual developers
to join the team and partner to facilitate regional development of
distributed energy projects across the United States.

Let’s build a relationship that lasts.

Contact us today to speak about the EDPR NA DG DiR Program.

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