Episode 3: $1B in energy savings by 2025!…how the DOE supports Community Solar, with Nicole Steele, DOE

The US Department of Energy considers community solar “an indispensable source in our future energy mix.”

In Episode 3 of our Community Solar Series, we’ll hear from Nicole Steele, Senior advisor for Energy Justice & workforce at the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office.

Nicole runs the National Community Solar Partnership, which as you heard in Episode 1 has set an ambitious goal of achieving $1B in energy savings across 5M households by the year 2025.

This would represent an increase from 3 to 20GW of community solar capacity in the US, and reflects an average bill reduction of 20%.

How does the DOE plan to support this program? Why did it need to exist at all? And how can you benefit from it in your company or community? That’s what we intend to understand and illuminate in this discussion with Nicole Steele.

Key Questions we cover in this interview:

Why is the DOE supporting Community Solar, specifically?
Who are the stakeholders DOE is engaging, and how?
What is the “5 pathways to success” model that Nicole & DOE offer?
And, what are the desired outcomes for this program, beyond the headlines of $1B in energy savings?
Tune in to learn more and see how this program might be useful for your community.

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